Choosing the Best Helensvale Real Estate Agents

One of the biggest decisions people in Helensvale and anywhere in the world make is to buy a home. When it’s time to purchase a home in Helensvale, choosing the best Helensvale real estate agents is key.

Taking a cursory look online shows no shortage of Helensvale real estate agents. This makes the search daunting. However, the task becomes doable with the right steps, including:


Get mortgage pre-approval

Talking to a mortgage lender should be the first step before you begin searching for the perfect home and real estate agent. Talking with a mortgage lender is the best way to find out if you can afford to buy a home.

A mortgage pre-approval informs you of the things you need to comply with including the maximum amount you are allowed to borrow. This information helps narrow down the search for homes with the right price tag for you.

A pre-approved mortgage also tells sellers and real estate agents that you are serious about the deal. In the competitive world of real estate today, a buyer’s offer is only considered when he/she has a preapproved letter.


Family and friends’ referral

Family members and friends are the best go-to when you need a referral for a real estate agent. Ideally, the best referral would come from someone you know who has a similar situation as you are now in.

It should be noted that first-time buyers have a far different need than that homeowners buying a smaller home or repeat buyers. The things you need to find out from a recommended real estate agent before signing up with him/her include certifications showing extensive training and education in real estate.


How different is a seller agent from a buyer agent

A buyer agent is way different from a seller agent and knowing the difference between them is smart. Aptly named, a seller agent represents the interests of sellers, including:

  • Negotiate the terms of the real estate sale
  • Responsible for the price tag of the property
  • Responsible for advertising and marketing the seller’s property

Often, there’s a thin line between a buyer agent and a seller agent. It’s because there are real estate agents that can be both buyer and seller agents. However, dual real estate agencies are not allowed in many states. The inherent risk of dual agencies far outweighs the benefits they bring to the table.


Vet potential candidates

Researching the online presence of potential real estate agents is a good first step. Begin by checking out the social media accounts and websites of potential real estate agents. Take time to read the reviews of past clients to get an accurate picture of their workings.

You may find maybe one or two negative remarks. This is not worrying but it could be a red flag if there are more than two negative reviews. Checking out the state’s regulator for real estate also helps in finding out about disciplinary actions and certifications of real estate agencies.

It is a best practice to compile a wish list of features you want in a home while searching for the right real estate agent.


Meet up with more than one real estate agent

Interviewing two or three potential real estate agents is highly recommended before deciding on the one you think fits the profile.

Choose the best real estate agents in Helensvale to know more.



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