RIIWHS204E – Work Safely at Heights

Are you interested in working at heights? Does your job have that type of opportunity for you? If you are looking to work in this field, there a few things you need to know, including the type of course that you will need to take.

When working at heights, you must ensure you follow the correct safety measures. Even a slight error can have disastrous consequences. In such a situation, it is critical to complete a RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights course. This course is self-paced and significantly less expensive than traditional face-to-face training.

RIIWHS204E replaces RIIWHS204D

What is a riiwhs204e course? The RIIWHS204E is a new course that is designed to provide safety training for workers working at heights. This course includes both theory and practical training. It teaches the basics of working safely at heights and covers the proper use of anchorage points and protection equipment. It is a recommended course for anyone who needs to work at heights. This includes those who work in mining, extraction, or civil construction.

RIIWHS204E courses are taught online or face-to-face and last eight hours. The duration depends on the number of participants in the course. For example, if the class is small enough, it may only last four hours, while if the course has more than fifteen participants, it may take longer.

RIIWHS204E training is self-paced

The RIIWHS204E course is designed for people who must work at heights. It covers the principles of height safety and includes hands-on exercises that teach fall prevention techniques. The course also covers how to use equipment and clean up the work area. Upon completion, participants are issued a RIIWHS204E certificate and Statement of Attainment.

RIIWHS204E training is available online for those who want to take it at their own pace. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a newcomer to height safety, the online courses help you understand the theory and apply it to your own workplace. However, you will not be awarded a certificate if you don’t complete the face-to-face training. RIIWHS204E is intended to replace the RIIOHS204A certificate and teaches workers how to work safely from heights.

RIIWHS204E costs less than face-to-face training

The RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights course comprises both theory and practical training in the principles of working safely at heights. The course covers everything from the correct use of protection equipment to how to assess the safety of a fall. It is recommended for anyone who needs to work at heights. This can include people involved in mining, extraction, civil construction, or drilling.

RIIWHS204E is a course that can be taken online or in a classroom setting. RIIWHS204E training is typically delivered over an eight-hour day. The duration of the training depends on the number of students enrolled. If there are only four students, the course could be completed in less time, while a class of fifteen students might take longer.

RIIWHS204E course is available in Canberra

The RIIWHS204E course is an accredited course and is available in Canberra at Interlink Training. It is an eight-hour course, split into two four-hour sessions. Each session is separated by a 15-minute break for morning and afternoon tea. The training meets the industry standards.

This nationally-recognised course covers the essential skills and knowledge required for working safely at heights. The course is designed for people who are just starting their careers or are upgrading their qualifications and experience.


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